Pitch Your Baby

I have a friend who just had his first child. He’s over the moon about this baby and OK, all his friends are happy for him too, but he sends out constant emails with photos, short video clips, frequent little stories about first baby steps. There are facebook pages and even twitter messages from time to time. This is a great example of pitch and even the most experienced entrepreneur in the world could learn a thing or two from a new parent.

This is how you should pitch your startup company… just like it was your newborn baby child. Pitch your business with enthusiasm, pride, a strong sense of purpose and a belief that this baby will someday grow into something big and fantastic!

Pitching your startup to venture capital people is a blast and also a great way to accelerate your business development. I learned early-on that getting honest and direct feedback is essential in order to help me as an entrepreneur to face reality and to keep my startups on the right path. Honest feedback may not always be pleasant to hear, but it is always valuable – either to confirm or to correct your strategy.

Seek out opportunities to pitch your business to experienced businesspeople and especially to venture capitalists. There are lots of different venues for pitching. Check out the Europe-Unlimited venture events, which are free and open to all European startups. You will be amazed what you will learn.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski