The Circle of Life

allman_brothersI admit it. I spend too much time on the web. Mostly I am searching to see what other people are doing to solve problems for entrepreneurs and early-stage startup companies. There are some really interesting things happening out there, but in today’s world of info overload you really have to do some serious searching. And then there is all the other stuff that you stumble over on your way down that rocky road…

So today I stumbled over a gem. It started as I read a blog entry and political positioning paper by a serious and scholarly Venture Capital veteran from Washington named Jonathan Aberman. Good stuff about political initiatives for changing how the US government encourages early-stage funding for startups. In looking further into his blog I discovered that he is the lead singer in a rock&roll band.  Now this is much more interesting!

Close your eyes and envision a 5-man rock band, playing loud and scratchy tunes inspired by Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and Texas blues. In my mind I see Duane Allman and the Allman brothers (see the photo). Now picture 5 white guys with conservative $100 Madison Avenue haircuts and a lead singer holding a Stratocaster. Quite a different picture? Who knew that even VCs could rock? Not exactly the picture that most first-time entrepreneurs will have in their minds when they are going to meet with a new VC!

The band is called Two Car Living Room – which is a great name except that if they can really afford living rooms that are big enough to park 2 cars in, then they should not be allowed to sing the blues. Don’t you have to be poor and black to do that? OK, at least poor?  If, however, the meaning of the name is that their two-car garage is now functioning as a living room (and also the birthplace of new garage businesses),then I like it.

The best of all are their lyrics. They sing about the issues and topics that VCs and other financial investors worry about. It is only fitting. One of the tunes is about keeping the stress from high-risk investments under control. Another is about keeping the buzz going in their social media network investments. My favorite is a song entitled: Bernie Made Of With Your Money. After all, nothing puts the fear of god into a VC more than the thought of a Bernie Madoff stealing all their money. Now that will inspire you to sing the blues!

Jonathan Aberman and the Two Car Living Room are great. When I was 15 Joni Mitchell sang of finding true love. When I was 20 Bob Dylan sang about truth and courage. When I was 30 Bono sang about purpose and changing the world. Now I am over 50 and I am listening to Jonathan sing about Bernie Madoff stealing from investors.
Isn’t the circle of life grand?

The band’s website is here
Jonathan’s blog is here

Keep rockin Jonathan and keep supporting the startup entrepreneurs of the world!