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Entrepreneur Success Factor? Words-Music-Dance

  Many entrepreneurs struggle. Some fail, yet some entrepreneurs succeed beyond their wildest dreams. What is the difference? What is the one key success factor that separates the winners from the losers? (more…)

iPad Changes the Game for Nerdy Guys

Boys and their iPad Toys A few months ago I was on a weekend cabin trip get-away with a bunch of guys and I noticed something different that happened. Three of the guys brought their iPads and if this had been a trip with the girls along, then there would...

Making the most of any situation

I did a workshop this week in Palermo, Italy for a group of MBA students and startup companies at the ARCA Technology Incubator. Palermo is a fantastic place of chaos, crowds, energy and even innovation. I once heard a story about an American law professor who was in Italy holding...

USA passes Educating Entrepreneurs bill

"Every $1 dollar invested in this program will put $2.87 into the national treasury" - N.Velazquez (US State Representative) “The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in our region. What is lacking is the opportunity and ability to tap into ‘the experts’.” - Donna Kilhoffer (Community Education Council) On July...