Entrepreneur Success Factor? Words-Music-Dance


Many entrepreneurs struggle. Some fail, yet some entrepreneurs succeed beyond their wildest dreams. What is the difference? What is the one key success factor that separates the winners from the losers?

While leading investor networking programs over the past 10 years for customers like the European Space Agency (Netherlands), Europe Unlimited (Belgium) and the Ministry of Innovation, Technology & Science NRW (Germany), I have met thousands of entrepreneurs. Along the way I have started to understand that there is one key element that is always present in those entrepreneurs that succeed, and something that’s often missing in those that don’t. The winners are almost always great communicators.

Entrepreneurs that communicate poorly tend to struggle. Entrepreneurs that communicate well tend to thrive and often succeed. Whether communicating with their investors, customers or even their own teams, successful entrepreneurs are able to quickly connect, to have impact and ultimately to influence others. Think back on your own experience. Picture the successful entrepreneurs that you have met personally. If you even remember them at all, chances are you remember something special that they communicated to you.

When I first started working with entrepreneur programs, I focused most of my efforts on business development techniques and strategies. BizDev is important, but I have learned that if I really want to help entrepreneurs to succeed, then I can do this fastest by helping them to become better communicators. Most entrepreneurs I meet have strong technical and logical minds. I cannot teach them to be better scientists. I can, however, help them to communicate more powerfully. This often has the effect of rapidly accelerating the progress of their entire business.

I recently started a new consulting company called Quickminds, together with UK communications expert Tim Farish. We have developed a concept where we teach rapid communication improvement and it is called WordsMusicDance.

Words are the structures that you can use to tell powerful stories and to launch revolutionary new ideas.

Music is how you use your voice to strengthen your message and to give power and emotion to your communication.

Dance is how you put it all together with your body, gestures and facial expressions.

If you are an entrepreneur or even a corporate client who is interested in rapid improvement in how you communicate, then contact us. We offer WordsMusicDance workshops that are completely different from anything you ever have experienced.
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