What is the Power of Pitching?

We pitch new ideas to our colleagues

We pitch innovative solutions to our customers

We pitch expansion and growth to investors

And we pitch responsibility to our teenagers…

Pitching is how we start the process of opening other people’s minds to new and different ideas. And it’s an important first step towards building valuable relationships based on trust.

Over the past 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping people learn how to pitch. Whether it’s a CEO pitching to investors, a sales team pitching to new clients, an engineer pitching a new algorithm to his team, it’s all pretty much the same. Get interest, open minds and start building rapport and trust. Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “There’s no such thing as an uninteresting topic… only uninterested people”. There is great power (and fun) when you share your interest and invite people to come into your fascinating world.

Humanity is facing immense challenges today. We need more people with new ideas. We need people who dare to speak up and propose new ways of thinking. And we need to listen.

When I work with teams I take them through a process where they learn together. They learn to speak with clarity and from a position of authentic inspiration. They learn how to find their voices. And they learn to listen. If you or your team have ideas, if you see ways that your business can help solve some of the immense problems facing humanity, then we should talk.

Your ideas deserve the best chance to be heard and to grow. Learn to Pitch


I would like to have a talk with you about your team. As you know, pitch-training with me is not just about practicing pitches. It’s about discovering and connecting to the bigger WHY of your business. What is the fundamental problem that you solve for your customers and how are their lives affected by you and your team? Communicating this clearly and at a high-level is about learning to introduce your products, services and ideas in a way that quickly gets people’s interest and encourages them to seek you out as a trusted advisor.

And best of all, when I work with teams they learn how to give and receive valuable feedback to each other. They learn to collaborate, sharing best practices, stories and experiences. This can be the start of deeper trust & commitment and a path to becoming a high-performing team. Also, it’s a lot of fun!  

As you are planning 2024 and thinking about what you can do to help your teams stay inspired and motivated to achieve even greater results, give me a call. Let’s discuss how to engage your team so they start the year focused and inspired.  Whether I simply come and talk to your team for a 30-minute presentation, or we work together over a 3-4 month period in a process to make big and lasting changes, I would love to tell you about the team programs that I have run in the past and to brainstorm ways to help you unlock your team’s greatest potential. 

Book a talk with me?