Words, Dance but no Music

It’s Friday morning and I’m sitting on a crowded plane in the midst of 8 young men who are headed to Amsterdam for a big weekend together. They are incredibly talkative in an endless stream of chatter, banter, intense debate and raucous laughter. Normally I would have to put in earplugs to maintain my little zen bubble, but not with these guys. They are all deaf. The only noise they make is when one gets overly eager and bounces up and down in his seat in excitement. I’m amazed at how well they communicate and impressed by their storytelling. One just told a long tale that ended in hilarious(silent) laughter by the others. I don’t understand sign language, but I imagined it was about getting chased and bitten by a ferocious dog. Ok. I’m just guessing, but the story was a big hit.

In my speeches and workshops I frequently say “Your voice is your most powerful communication tool”. Now I’m not so sure. We humans were designed to communicate, no matter what tools we may have or not have. It was amazing to observe how well they did without the benefit of speech. Words, Dance but no music.

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