Starting at the End

the_endI often get everything backwards… ass backwards. Whether it is in my life or with my business, I often get things turned around the wrong way… and this causes me to struggle and flounder. While running a small business I am continually confronted with problems and challenges that are complex and difficult to navigate. That’s part of the game, but as I stand knee-deep in a big problem it is really tough to figure out how to lift myself out and to find a good solution. When I am standing in a hole, I have no perspective or overview. I often see only the problems and I get stuck there. Stuck in the mud.

Do you want to know how to turn this around? Start at the end. Almost any problem is just a temporary condition. Any situation can be remedied if you start by mentally jumping over the current problem, going forward to the end result that you desire, and then working backwards from there.  Working backwards is easier than pushing forwards because you gain perspective. Perspective is our greatest ally because it allows us to transcend a situation and to see lots of possible paths that can lead to the end result.

Stuck in a complex problem? Just start at the end.

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