Rick Salmon appointed President of Selection Jury for 2009 European Venture Contest

barcelona 081(Oslo, Nov. 12, 2009)
Europe Unlimited has appointed Rick Salmon as President of the Selection Jury for 2009 European Venture Contest Finals which will be held on December 14th and 15th, 2009 in Barcelona. The Jury will consist of 30 distinguished members representing the Venture Capital community in Europe.  The mission of this annual venture contest is to find, evaluate and award world-class innovative companies with the potential to dramatically impact their industry and contribute to increasing European competitiveness and growth. This year over 700 startup companies have competed in the contest this year and the top 25 have been chosen to go to the finals in Barcelona.

Jury members will select a winner in each of the 3 categories of cleantech, life sciences, and ICT. From the top 3 companies, 1 overall winner will be selected and awarded a cash prize of EU 90,000.  The companies will be evaluated on the basis of 7 factors (including business potential, team experience, investment potential, competitive position,  presentation, etc.).

Eurecan_AwardRick Salmon competed in the 2008 European Venture Contest as CEO of RPR Technologies AS (Norway) and was selected as winner of the Cleantech category. This year, he has been asked to be the President of the Jury in order to represent and promote the entrepreneur viewpoint and to acknowledge his work with empowering European entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur who plans on raising capital or expanding your network in 2010, register now for the 2010 Eurecan European Venture Contest. For more information about Europe Unlimited, see:  http://www.e-unlimited.com

2 Replies to “Rick Salmon appointed President of Selection Jury for 2009 European Venture Contest”

  1. Hey, hey,hey. Congratulations, Rick.
    Good luck finding the right winners this year!


    1. Thanks Rolf. The challenge is to see the future value. It is like scouting for future football talent. Sometimes you find big kids that are the stars right now. They grew fast and had an easy road to success. The interesting ones are the little guys that have had to struggle and fight in order to make it. You have to search for guts and character more than anything. Startup companies who have had to struggle and fight are always more interesting in the long run and go on to create immense value.

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