Your Own Private Nuclear Reactor

Your Own Personal Nuclear Reactor?

How much energy do you give to your life?

How successful are you willing to let yourself be? Are you one of those people who are willing to settle for just an OK life, or are you driven to achieve something greater? If you are someone who is drawn by a greater cause then the only thing that will really limit you is the amount of energy you put into it. It´s that simple.

How much energy will you pour into your life’s work today? How much focus and attention and love and dedication will you give to the tasks you are facing today? Is this just going to be a slow and lazy, boring and non-eventful day, or is this going to be a day of expecting great miracles to finally arrive? It’s your choice. You get to decide. You can choose exactly what kind of energy you are willing to emit and by that you will determine the outcome.

So how much energy does any one person have? Is it limited? Is it a finite amount like 3,569 barrels of energy you have to burn in your life? Is it just coincidence? Like flipping a coin each day. Tails. Oops. Guess that means that today you am going to have a low-energy day. Bummer. Or is it something you can make a conscious decision to control, like having your own personal nuclear reactor where all you have to do is set the dials and turn up the juice? Does it really work that way?

How successful are you willing to let yourself be? You tell me.

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