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Why a website for Fathers?

No task is more important

First, this website was created because the role of being good fathers is one of the most important tasks we men will ever face in our lives. Click on the link (at left) about how important fathers are to families. It is scary reading. Children learn from us quickly. The examples we teach by our actions directly set the stage for our childrens’ futures. No responsibility we have is greater than how we raise our children.

One of our most important values

Second, as a coach I have had the good fortune to meet many remarkable men. One thing I noticed quickly was that many men have a strong, almost unbending value regarding their children. Men are often willing to offer everything in the pursuit of their goals. They sacrifice their health, their marriages, their interests… and even their families. Nonetheless, I have found that their children almost always represent a soft spot. When asked, most fathers will tell you how important their children are… and most will tell you that they have guilty consciences… that they are not living up to the standard they know they should. This website is here to help them bring the role of being a father back into focus.

We men are not doing so well

Third, when I look at the world I see that we men are not doing so well. The violence and the wars are primarily waged by men. How can we stop this? How can we break out of this viscious spiral? How can we raise boys to become men who are caring and loving? How can we teach boys to strive for cooperation rather than competition? How can we create the peaceful world that we all want to live in?

Change the world?

Do you want to change the world? Then change the men. If 95% of all the violence and rapes in this world are caused by men, what effect would a 2% change make? How many people in the world would not have to suffer if there were 2% less violent crimes? How many could live peacefully if there were 2% fewer wars? What would be the effect if there were 2% fewer children abused? Can we really make a difference by changing us men?

These are questions we must ask ourselves, then we must be honest in our answers. I am a coach, not an expert or a psychologist. I don’t have a lot of answers, but the courageous men that I work with often do. Practical answers from practical men. By asking them, and by working with them to discover exactly what we want for our children – we find solutions to problems.

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