Why Hire A Coach?

Ten Ways to a More Powerful Life and Business

1. A coach can be a confidant. You can tell your coach things you wouldn’t tell others, because a coach is trained to understand and be non-judgmental.

2. A coach can help you see your blind spots. Everyone, even the coach, has personal areas that are out of view or awareness until someone points them out. A coach is perfectly poised to perform this critical function.

3. A coach can provide objective feedback. Other people may have agendas. Your coach has your best interests in mind in providing feedback and counsel to you.

4. A coach provides another set of eyes. Even the top performers in the world have coaches to help them see what they themselves can’t see.

5. A coach can keep you accountable. Your coach can help you take on more responsibility by having you report weekly on your accomplishments and initiatives.

6. A coach can be a sounding board. Your coach can be another set of ears as you talk about the things that are bothering you. As you hear yourself have a conversation new personal realizations emerge.

7. A coach can be another source of creative ideas. You can brainstorm and try out new ideas, behaviors and mental processes as your coach provides a safe place to experiment.

8. A coach can help you create your vision. Your coach can assist you in developing your plans for success based on your values, personal strengths, background and assets.

9. A coach can help celebrate your successes and be a source of strength when you fail. Your coach can be a supportive and nurturing source of energy.

10. A coach can help you process life. Life is a process and a good coach can assist you in reviewing and reframing what happens in your business, your sports and your life!

Your Coach:

Rick Salmon is a keynote speaker, executive coach, seminar leader, and experienced entrepreneur. For more information visit his blogsite at: http://www.ricksalmon.com

Some areas to consider for executive coaching include:Click here to book a free trial coaching session

  • Leadership development
  • Sales abilities
  • Career transition and direction
  • Personal development and direction
  • Business/organizational development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business growth and marketing
  • Employee motivation and retention
  • Professional speaking/presentations
  • Strategic marketing
  • Priority management
  • Vision refinement and achievement
  • Strategic delegation

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“What separates those who achieve from those who don’t, is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask for advice and help”
…….former President of Coca-Cola

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