The inner game of a successful entrepreneur

inner_game_of_tennis_coverBeing a successful entrepreneur is an inner game. It’s all about how you manage your mind and your internal beliefs. In Timothy Gallwey’s famous book The Inner Game of Tennis, he pointed out that tennis players are often totally obsessed with external things (the new tennis racket, the tennis shoes, the competition, the weather, etc.). They tend to lose site of the most important factor to being a great tennis player – the inner game – the mental attitudes and internal focus that are necessary to succeed.

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Let the old trees die

worldhighestWhile the global finance crisis might be showing some signs of improvement, the outlook for the entrepreneur is still bleak. Without easy access to capital, entrepreneurs cannot grow. A forest without new growth will age quickly just like an economy without new growth will fall. While governments around the world are busy propping up old businesses in order to save jobs, they might just be missing an important point. Old forests are supposed to die in order to make way for the new.

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